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A Call to Business was formed in 2001 with a passion to challenge Christian business people to understand that their business, built on a solid foundation of biblical principles, could be a channel of change and influence in society.
One of the team which grew around this vision was Terry Diggines, a former business man and pastor, who began to mentor a number of people in the process of starting their own business.  Whatever the scope of these businesses, he found that a common challenge facing most was that of isolation, as they now largely worked on their own while trying to establish something new.
Terry decided to bring together these contacts to see whether meeting with others on a similar journey would help overcome some of these challenges.  This proved to be an inspired move, which evolved into a group specifically for entrepreneurs, to provide space for friendship, mutual support, encouragement and cross-pollination of skills and expertise, all in a context of worship and prayer.

Our vision 

To help each other realise that our business, whatever the size and scope, can be that channel of change and influence in society.
Our message remains the same: that when a business operates on Biblical foundations, with God at its centre and serving people at its heart, the Kingdom of God begins to be seen.  We want to encourage and equip each other to see our businesses in that light, to inspire others to join us and be part of a community of successful businesses of excellence that demonstrate the fruit of the Holy Spirit, with love at the heart.
LISTEN HERE to a spoken word inspired by the vision and written by one of the ACTB Entrepreneur...

How it works 

Now known as actbEntrepreneurs, the group provides opportunities for informal gatherings each month, other occasional events and a growing library of resources.  We are a diverse group of people with businesses ranging from coaching and training to editing and publishing; from cyber security to fashion and design; from catering to web design; and so much more!  
As described by members:
“A group that encourages and inspires each other to do business God’s way”
“A community to get sound biblical principles to run your business and be inspired by the stories of others who have applied these principles successfully.”
If you would like to know more, drop a note to entrepreneurs@acalltobusiness.co.uk.
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