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We believe that relationship is important.  Our monthly “Entrepreneurs’ Evening” provides a welcome space to join with others for encouragement, prayer and teaching.  Our lunchtime “Take a Break” slots vary, sometimes simply getting to know each other better by listening to someone’s business story and sometimes teaching on topical issues.
“The speakers are always very inspiring and literally demonstrate the power of Christ at work in the marketplace.”
All our gatherings take place on Zoom, so no-one is prevented from attending because of distance, tight schedules ... or pandemics!  We hope, going forward, to include occasional gatherings in person, particularly for times of worship and prayer.
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Our next event

Entrepreneurs Evening - Tuesday 23rd November 7.30pm
Antoinette Daniel - Founder of Just Helpers.
Details in the Entrepreneurs Evening section below.

Entrepreneurs Evening

23rd November - 7.30pm on Zoom 
Speaker - Antoinette Daniel
Founder of Just Helpers
This term we will be focusing on the part of our vision that says "when a business operates on Biblical foundations, with God at its centre and serving people at its heart, the Kingdom of God begins to be seen." With a great line up of speakers, and alongside our lunchtime gatherings, we'll be exploring what it practically looks like to live this out and grow businesses that are built on Kingdom foundations. 
This month we look forward to hearing from Antoinette Daniel - founder of Just Helpers. As we continue to explore what it looks like to build businesses on Kingdom foundations, Antoinette will share her story of building and running a company that has Justice and fairness at the heart of all they do. 
The zoom link is made available via our mailing list - contact us at the email address below to sign up.
Antoinette's Bio - 

Antoinette is a former PE teacher, now entrepreneur who is passionate about seeing justice done in all areas of her life. She is  the founder of an award-winning London cleaning agency called ‘Just Helpers’ and they are aiming to make the world a better place, one clean at a time.  Strong justice Ethics are at the heart of all they do. Currently she is in the process of radically transforming the cleaning industry to enable cleaning colleagues to be paid equitably, working rights and conditions to be more rigorously monitored, laws changed to enable ethical agencies to operate more ably, and clients' homes and offices cleaned to a consistently high standard. In her spare time she loves walking by the sea or sitting in her favourite chair watching the world go by.

Our Entrepreneurs Evening usually takes place on a Tuesday towards the end of each month. Check future dates below for details of upcoming gatherings.
VENUE - Due to the current situation we are gathering online via the meeting platform Zoom. For details of how to join please contact us at entrepreneurs@acalltobusiness.co.uk
COST - Usually £5 contribution to cover costs, but currently free of charge. 
TO CONFIRM YOUR PLACE - please contact us at entrepreneurs@acalltobusiness.co.uk

Future Dates
December TBC - Check back for more details soon.
If you would like to know more about our Entrepreneurs' Evenings please contact us at entrepreneurs@acalltobusiness.co.uk

Take a Break - Lunchtime gathering

'Characteristics of a Kingdom Entrepreneur' - with Victor Lorenzo
A three part series to further explore what it looks like to be a Kingdom Entrepreneur.
16th September, 7th October, 11th November - 12.30pm on Zoom
We're looking forward to what will be both an encouraging and challenging time together. As Victor Lorenzo shares ideas and principles from the bible, we'll create space to discuss, ask questions and grow in our calling as Kingdom Entrepreneurs. 
The zoom link is made available via our mailing list - contact us at the email address below to sign up.

Take a break for lunch, find out more about fellow entrepreneurs and benefit from the wealth of gifting, expertise, experience and insights that exists among us.  Some sessions focus on one of the group, hearing about their business journey and what they’ve learnt along the way; at other times it will be teaching on topics to help your own journey.
Whichever it is, you’ll find it an hour well spent ... and we don’t mind if you block video and eat your lunch!  We aim to keep an eye on the time, and finish sharply at 1.30 pm.
Due to the current situation we are gathering online via the meeting platform Zoom. For details of how to join please contact us at entrepreneurs@acalltobusiness.co.uk

Future Dates
December TBC - Speakers To Be Confirmed - Check back for more details soon.
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